Mishimoto Low Temperature Thermostat - GT86 & BRZ

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Mishimoto Low Temperature Racing Thermostat for GT86 & BRZ

Mishimoto opening starts at 76°C and is fully open at 90°C, engine running temperature is 80-82°C

OEM opening starts at 90°C and is fully open at 95°C, engine running temperature is 90-92°C

The Mishimoto racing thermostat for the Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ will promote greater cooling efficiency in your stock or modified FA20 engine.

Once the engine is fully warmed up, the Mishimoto racing thermostat will open at a lower temperature than standard thermostats. This allows coolant to flow through the engine sooner, which reduces and maintains cooler engine temperatures.

The Mishimoto GT86 racing thermostat is the perfect addition to your street or track Toyota and is a direct replacement for the factory thermostat.

As with all Mishimoto products, this thermostat includes a lifetime warranty.

Fensport Tip: When mapping your car with EcuTek or similar ask your tuner to reduce the operating temperature of the radiator fans and you will be running cooler when in traffic or at the start line. On a standard car both fans are 100% active at 103 degrees, our GT86R Race car reduces this to 83 degrees, some 20 degrees cooler when it leaves the start line.

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