Millers Petrol Power Ecomax Octane Booster - 250ml

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Petrol Power Ecomax - Octane Booster

An octane booster and detergent package adding 3 octane numbers to unleaded fuel.

For use in all petrol engined vehicles.
Add the contents of the bottle to 60 litres of petrol.

User Benefits:
· Increases octane rating of fuel by up to 3 numbers.
· Increases power and mpg.
· Improved efficiency and cleanliness of petrol injectors.
· Better cleanliness of carburettor internal components and jets.
· Improved inlet manifold and valve cleanliness condition.
· Reduces combustion chamber deposits.
· Helps to control corrosion in the fuel system.
· Maintains catalyst efficiency and helps to invigorate catalytic convertors.
· Improved combustion and engine cleanliness drastically reduces emissions dioxide (CO2 ) and nitrous oxide (NOx).
· Ideal for use as a pre-MOT test clean-up treatment.
· Please Note - Petrol Power ECOMAX One Shot Boost does not provide valve protection, use either Millers VSP Plus or CVL for cars designed to run on leaded petrol.

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