HKS Silent Hi Power - Exhaust - Skyline GTR R34

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HKS Silent Hi Power Exhaust for Skyline GTR R34.

Silent Hi-Power mufflers offer high performance and sporty appearance with the added benefit of reduced noise levels making it the best choice for more mature enthusiasts.

Silent Hi-Power mufflers are constructed entirely of SUS304 grade stainless steel for high lustre, long lasting performance. For certain applications, HKS has introduced the “Silent Chamber” which removes a lot of the lower frequency noise that can often be heard into the cabin even when cruising.

Skyline GTR R34 Features:

  • Style: Silent Hi Power
  • 120mm single exhaust tip
  • Main material - stainless steel (SUS304)
  • 85mm Bore center pipe
  • Noise Level: 93db (OEM 95dB)


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