Evans Vintage Cool 180 5 litres

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Evans Vintage Cool 180 - 5L

Waterless Coolant for:
Vintage car engines that have pre-nodular cast iron blocks and many components made from copper and brass.

Boiling Point:
Above 180°C

Antifreeze Properties:
Protects below -40°C

Prevents Boil-Over, After-Boil, Improves Combustion, Maximises BHP

Corrosive Properties:
Eliminates corrosion and erosion

Life Span:
Protects for life


What is an Evans Waterless Coolant?

Evans Waterless Coolants are the only 100% waterless automotive engine coolant available on the market.

All Evans Waterless Coolants are a chemical blend that results in more efficient cooling due to a higher boiling point. The increased boiling point of the coolant eliminates the occurance of boil over, cavitation, which in turn helps prevent detonation.
Not only do Evans Waterless Coolants not boil over,they do not freeze. At extreme cold temperatures the coolants contract and become extremely thick, not becoming solid and expanding like antifreeze containing water.
Because Evans Waterless Coolants do not contain water electrolysis and corrosion are also eliminated.

Note: Every Evans Waterless Coolant requires the entire cooling system to be drained (radiator, engine block and heater core) and refilled 100% with one of the Evans Waterless Coolants.

We also supply 'Evans Prep Fluid' for water removal in the cooling system.

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