Cam Belt Gear Cover - Clear - Celica ST182, ST185 & MR2 MK2 Rev1 & 2

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Zaklee Corp Cam Gear Cover


In Clear

3S-GTE Rev 1&2

The Zaklee Clear Cam Gear Cover is almost an exact duplicate of the factory part. 

It is made of polycarbonate - an extremely durable thermoplastic.

Improve the look of your engine bay whilst also allowing for quick inspection of the cam belt.

Designed to fit with most aftermarket cam gears.


Fits 1989-1993 SW20 MR2 Turbo and 1989-1993 ST185 Celica GT-Four (All-Trac)

  • Toyota Celica 2.0 GT ST182 08/89> 03/94
  • Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 10/89> 03/94
  • Toyota Celica GTR 4WS ST183 09/89> 09/93
  • Toyota MR2 2.0 GT Rev 1 3S-GE 12/89> 12/91
  • Toyota MR2 2.0 GT Rev 2 3S-GE 12/91> 11/93
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev 1 3S-GTE 12/89> 12/91
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev 2 3S-GTE 12/91> 11/93
- If using aftermarket or ARP cam gear bolts, please check clearance between bolt heads and cam gear cover before starting engine. - With slight modification this Clear Cam Gear Cover will also fit Celica ST182 & ST183, and MR2 Rev 1 Installation Tip: Thread all bolts before tightening. Do not over torque the fasteners, only lightly hand tighten. A small bit of mild thread-locker can be used. Remember this is only a plastic cover being held on, not a wheel or structural parts of a car. Over tightening the fasteners can crack the plastic. Please take care when cleaning the clear cam gear cover and use only water and mild non ammonia soap.