How to Order Blitz and TRD When Out of Stock

We are the largest Blitz and Toyota Racing Developments dealers in Europe and the exclusive dealers of both brands in the UK. As both of these companies continue to expand their ranges into new vehicles the ability to hold everything in stock moves further out of reach. This would require us to hold millions of pounds worth of stock especially as all TRD body parts come in various pre painted OEM colour codes, we just cannot do this without going out of business very quickly!

So this means we keep the most popular items in stock and everything else falls into one of the below categories.

Air Freight - Fastest (Usually 2-3 weeks)

If you are in a hurry we can get a quote to have your order air freighted to us on its own. This is usually a 2-3 week service from point of order for TRD and Blitz items when in stock at the HQ. Please be aware Blitz Nur Spec exhausts are now very often made to order and carry a minimum wait time of 3 months. If you would like a quote for air freight please email us - This should be reserved for serious enquiries only as it does take quite a bit of time and effort to put the quote together correctly. Please bare in mind this can often be hundreds of pounds for larger items as they are coming directly from Japan to us, then out to you. These manufacturers will not ship directly to you. For example a full TRD bodykit can carry airfreight charges upwards of £900. 

Consolidated Sea Freight - Slowest (usually every 3 - 4 months)

If you are not in a hurry or just want the cheapest service then please just order as normal through the website, once we get a number of orders together we will do a consolidated sea freight shipment. This regularly takes 3-4 months to build up enough orders to enable us to do this larger shipment. The biggest benefit you have here is that you only pay the regular shipping charge quoted to you at checkout. We cover the shipping fee from Japan to the UK.

It can be a long wait but sometimes its just the price worth paying for high quality Japanese items! TRD produce OEM quality levels of aftermarket parts, truly unrivalled in the Toyota and Lexus world. Blitz are highly regarded as creating some of the highest quality Japanese tuning parts and we have stood by both of these brands for many many years!